I'm Up Among The Stars, On Earthly Things I Frown

So hi. I'm Courtney.High school senior who's (still) trying to find her place in the world, and loves to see happiness in any form. I'm in my school's band, playing French horn in the concert season and mellophone during marching season. I'm also the president of my school's Thespian society and an amateur actress, as well as an occasional techie. Both of these pastimes give me emotions like you wouldn't believe and run my life half the year -- I couldn't love them more for it. I also love animation, art, old cartoons, Disney, animals, video games, good books, fluffy things, and lots of other stuff. I also love to draw (if it wasn't evident from my love of all things animation-related), and aspire to be an animator one day!! Feel free to chat me up -- I love making new friends. :)

I also learned two things today

  1.  I can run the mile, despite not making it in time the past 3/4/5 years. 
  2. Mrs. Perry is literally the best.
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